First impressions – Infiniti QX70

The Japanese brand Infinity is relatively unknown on the Polish market even though it has a range of products able to compete in the premium sector. The flagship is the QX70.


The first generation of this giant (2m wide and weight over 2t) had it’s debut a decade ago as an SUV called the FX. In terms of styling, the current model is still a relative of it’s predecessor. Recent facelift was rather mild. You can see the car has not got the latest design trends but will still have a large fan base.

On the inside


The steering wheel has just the perfect size and is electrically adjustable in 2 directions. Quality of materials used is superb and the front seats, or should I call them armchairs, are great, fully adjustable, heated and ventilated. You can travel all day without getting tired and they also provide very good side support which is also electrically adjustable. Sitting in the back will give you a very much similar impression, as long as there are two people travelling. The cover of the central tunnel by the middle seat makes it very difficult for three people to travel comfortably.


The boot looks slightly bigger after dismantling the boot cover but numbers don’t lie, 410 l is one of the lowest scores in it’s class. Luckily, there are plenty of storage compartments, cup holders and a very practical electric boot lid. There are three buttons which control this function, on the bottom of the lid, on the dashboard and on the remote control.

Under the bonnet…


…of the tested car was a 320 bhp, 3.7l V6 petrol engine. This is a naturally aspirated engine providing plenty of power and an acceleration of 6.8s from 0-100km/h. This is one of the best results in this car segment. The work ethic of the engine is very impressive. This V6 with a direct fuel injection and variable valve timing is very quiet and without vibrations. At low speed you can only notice that the engine is running by looking at the rev counter. At higher revs you can hear a very nice grunt. This makes a difficult choice for the driver: do I listen to the V6 or do I listen to the Bose sound system? Back in its days this used to be one of the best audio systems in this class, but even today it can still put up a decent fight.

The drivetrain with a 4×4 provides phenomenal traction. QX has barely any body roll and sits tight in corners, kind of makes me forget the sheer size of the thing. However, it is slightly weaker than the competition when driving through potholes. The inside performs very well in terms of noise level considering the size of the vehicle, the only thing that can occasionally be heard is a distant muffled sound of the suspension.


The 7 speed auto gearbox also deserves recognition. The shifts are sharp and yet, very smooth. It also allows manual gear changes with the lever but the practicality of this is probably questionable. The automatic setting provides a great reaction to flooring the right pedal and why would you buy an automatic to change the gears manually? The steering is nicely suited the character of the car. Perhaps not the quickest response but still quite direct. You can’t fault anything on the breaks.


…fuel consumption during the test got slightly above 14l/100km, which considering the size of the vehicle, 4×4 drive and a V6 engine, is a pretty good result. On the other hand, every time your foot gets heavy, the consumption can go up to 20l in the city and 12l outside. Luckily, the fuel tank is 90l providing ample range.

The S Premium spec of the vehicle is adequate to the price (285 000 PLN). You get leather seats, dual zone climate control with vents for rear passengers, 6CD changer, auto gearbox, active cruise control with radar, adjustable shocks, traction control, set of airbags, 21” alloy wheels, sunroof, electric boot lid, bi-xenon headlights and much more. As an option you can go for a 390 bhp 5l V8 engine. The cost is substantial (40 000 PLN) but many clients are happy to pay the price.


QX is not the newest kid on the block. It is the oldest model in the Infinity range and therefore does not get people as excited as years ago. On the other hand, it is a well thought out and a mature vehicle. It drives phenomenal, it’s different and put together with the highest quality and well priced (competition is more expensive). Lots of pros and three cons. First of all, lack of pneumatic suspension with height adjustment. Second, no matrix headlights available (only a high beam/low bean option). Third, insufficient boot space.

Being honest…

…after so many years the QX does not disappoint but you can see it’s not the newest vehicle. It is a giant still chasing the best Audi Q7, BMW X5, Volvo XC90, Mercedes GLE and Lexus RX. Sometimes it slightly runs out of breath. Let’s see what the successor will bring…

Author/ photographer: Jakub Sandecki

Translation & Correction: TheFlorator