Jewish ethnocentrism and European individualism

Surely, many people reading my articles, would have already observed the reality surrounding us, notice that the world is being changed by certain influential groups of people.

From our perspective, we often judge these changes as negative. We wonder why certain people don’t think about the “common good” but prefer contrariness and wrecking of public order. I also believe, that many of you after talking to your friends and debating, have discovered to a large degree who is behind certain processes. Naturally not all the processes but a large proportion of changes in society, economy and politics. I would like to shine some light on the subject of Jewish collectivism and European individualism. In the latter, I mean central and northern Europe however excluding it southern bits such as southern Italy, Balkans or Iberian Peninsula, as these were under the influence of ethnocentric cultures from North Africa and Asia.


What is European individualism? It is a set of characteristics we are born with and inherited with the culture we live in. It determines a person to be more open to other nations, less solidarity with a group, a bigger tendency to have a small family (husband, wile, children, weaker ties with other members of family). European individualism had a chance to adopt itself really well after the industrial revolution. It allowed the citizens of Europe to grow highly-developed structures of countries based on republican and democratic foundations. Many people were happy to trade belonging to clans, families, tribes for taking part in larger groups which were more beneficial for their position or personal interest. Such culture is more open to foreigners, universal rules for everyone, equality of sexes and similar connections to both father’s and mother’s family. In general, it’s a culture well known to us, Latin based and monogamous. the relationship between a married couple is based on equality (in theory as recently women are in position of power).

In a known experiment, in which babies from Germany and Israel took part, it turned out that the babies from Israel were less tolerant to strangers, they started crying whilst their German counterparts were more at ease. In general, the individualistic and collectivistic characteristics are highly genetic and scientist often come to a conclusion that the ways of life of previous generations had a large influence.

Europeans mainly come from hunters- gatherers, used to make small groups and families and battle with bad weather conditions. They didn’t need a large group to survive but access to resources which helped them survive through winters. Collective cultures originate mainly from shepherds living in Asia. Weather conditions were not the main challenge. They were more focused on fighting between each other and therefore needed groups of connected “units” which tried to make themselves different from other inhabitants in an area. The number of people in a group was important, that’s why kidnappings of women were common. A man could have many wives and he tried to multiply and grow the family tree. These cultures are patriarchal where the position of women is low. The man is the head of the family, dominates and others are more subordinate and rarely defect. If they do, the consequences can be brutal. We all know of bloody historical fights for the soil of Palestine, ethnical cleansing carried out by the winning side, killings of children and women who could not conceive children.

Current Jewish generations originate from these people, regardless of controversies to do with their origins and their genetic dualism (genetically not all are Semites). Their characteristics allow us to categorise them as a collective and ethnocentric culture. It allows them to promote the members of their own ethnic group and they might turn a blind eye to their own group not doing the right things as long as these are aimed at “foreigners”. This is quite particular as it stands opposite to Latin culture. Distinction between “us” and “foreigners” is quite established in the Jewish culture and has been for thousands of years. It is also enhanced by the manifestation of their integrity: specific clothing, pairing up, upkeeping rituals such as circumcision. With this behaviour, the “independence” is kept and the culture is based around this, sometimes even leading to provoking so-called antisemitic behaviours towards their own people, who become too friendly with “foreigners” in order to get them back into the main group.


Since Jews were ramblers, it is strange why they didn’t settle where they originate from. Actually it is known. This is to do with the fact that this land is inhabited by other collective and ethnocentric nations which are not susceptible to their methods of infiltration. Ethnocentrism is a great method of defence against other ethnocentric nations. We don’t have this situation in the Latin culture which as I mentioned before is a lot more open. As a result, Jews could settle in Europe and later in land colonised by Europeans in North America. They could have of both worlds/cultures, being individualists and yet not forgetting their deep ethnocentric cultural roots. This allowed them to promote their interests in a not obvious way as well as promoting other Jews to important positions.

A great example of this infiltration is USA, where Jews as 1st and 2nd generations, on the brink of 19th and 20th century, started dominating in key branches connected with politics and influencing public opinion. They influenced Hollywood, most of the press, political and academic institutions. It is not well known, that other white Americans tried to oppose this, however they were marginalised (as is the case in Poland today). Apparently, this criticism of the state of affairs, also existed amongst military circles before the cold war however the already infiltrated governmental institutions including the justice system allows them to “cut off the head of the fascistic hydra”. A great psychological trick was the creation of phrase “antisemitism” which allows to influence average people who are already heavily influenced by media and the entertainment business.


Due to their influence, Jews in the USA enforced the country to allow migration from other than European cultures, which resulted in permanent and continuous ethnic change and changes in electoral preferences and rise of divisions within the population. This also did away with the ethnical integrity of the nation. In the 20s and 30s there was an open discussion about ethnical integrity of children the white colonisers and the discussion about pros and cons of immigration. In the 60s emotions took over as well as accusations of racism, antisemitism and fascism. Please have a look yourself on the web for the ethnical and cultural changes across 10 years in the USA. What will happen in 30 or 40 years? Will it become similar to South Africa?

Why do Jews try to turn a well prospering culture upside down promoting all sorts of perversions under the umbrella of modernity? Why are they growing a social system where the ones that pay in the most take out the least and the biggest rewards go to the ones who pay little or ones that recently landed on the coast of Italy or crossed the German border? In my opinion the answer is this. They are afraid of us. They are afraid that we will discover their destructive influence on our culture, life, relationships and children. They are trying to turn everything upside down so that there is no strong, ethnically connected resistance. They will “divide and conquer” and ethnically mixed societies of Europe and America will not be able to locate the enemy and neutralise his actions.

Author: DL

Translation & Correction: TheFlorator